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Knuckle or Pan Heads

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You may have to spend some serious search time to find someone with as much experience porting Knuckleheads (or for that matter their aluminum younger brother; the Panhead).  In fact, Lee has such a passion for high performance Knuckles, that he recently had a quantity of 2.060” thin stem intake valve and matching guides made up to facilitate performance modifications in them.

With the availability of new Knuckle heads from S&S in both single and dual carb versions, a whole new world of vintage style performance has opened up, and once again Lee’s Speed Shop can supply the extra punch via porting and/or oversize valves. 

We currently offer two levels of porting for Knuckles and Pans

  • Torque Port: Oversize (1.94 or 2.0) intake valves get some air into these motors
  • Big Valve Porting on Knucklehead:  2.060” intake valve just like in the old days, but with the latest in modern technology added

And keep this in mind; if you have a set of early heads which were ported, had larger valves installed, or even were converted to dual carbs back in the day, it is quite likely that by now they need some TLC to get the most out of them. 

Click the Early OHV link at your left for more details on porting work  for either Pan or Shovel.