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Cylinder Head Porting, Antique and Hi-Performance American Motorcycles

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Iron Head Sportsters

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From it’s debut in 1957, the Iron Head Sportster has commanded respect in the motorcycle performance world.  Now it is poised to take its place as the Classic performance motor that it is!  Here at Lee’s Speed Shop, we are ready to help you meet the performance goals you have for your Iron Head, whether it is a vintage dragbike, flat tracker, or hot streetster.   For Sportsters we offer the following:

    POWER PORT on IRON XL  Includes installation of oversize 2.0” or 2.060" intake valves and 1.750” exhaust valves, new guides and a set of high performance valve springs (parts included in price).  Full porting with intake runners finished to 50 grit and exhaust runners to 120 grit.  Combustion chambers are fully polished.  Intakes get a 5 angle seat for good wet flow characteristics, and a radius exhaust seat for maximum scavenging.  $990