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Another Lee's Speed Shop exclusive!

Now, state of the art beehive valve springs for your Evolution or Twin Cam engine, and at a reasonable price! Absolutely the finest quality springs available, they have been engineered by a major OEM and tested in literally thousands of v-twin engines.

Beehive springs offer better valve control at a reduced seat pressure compared to conventional valve springs.  Better valve control brings increased RPM capability and less “bounce” at valve closing for more longevity.  Beehive valve springs also give the added benefit of a smaller top collar which means no issues with rocker box clearance!

The Evo Upgrade Kit (LSS-140U) includes 4 valve springs and 4 top collars. You will be re-using your original stock lower collars and keepers. (If you no longer have the original lower collars and keepers, you will need to purchase the LSS-140C conversion kit.

The Twin Cam Conversion Kit (LSS-140C) includes 4 valve springs, 4 lower collars, 4 top collars, and keepers . This set enables you to upgrade the valve springs on Evo as well as '99-'04 Twin Cams. It can also be used when retro-fitting stronger 5/16" stem valves on '05 and later Twin Cams.

Either spring set will supply 140-145 lbs of seat pressure at an installed height of 1.800" with enough spring travel for up to a .530 lift cam. Nose pressure is 312 lbs @ 1.300" with coilbind at 1.200"

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LSS140-C 003
LSS140-U 005

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